TAWNY SKYPUNCH is one foxy lady. She’s a cougar on the prowl. Well, she’s either a fox or a cougar. A Fougar? A Coux? It’s neither here, nor there, or in between. You’ll often find her perched at Ye Olde Watering Hole and Carburetor Repair Shop. It’s a home away from home. From her years working in a Riverboat magic show, and her stint as a link-welder in a Kapuskasing toilet-chain factory, Tawny has learned some important life lessons: namely, “don’t gamble unless you have the money to pay your debts because bad people will force you to do some terrible jobs to repay them.”  It was one fateful night during the Riverboat magic show, after a particularly bad fall through a trapdoor in the stage resulted in a broken femur, that Tawny had a revelation: RADIO!  And that’s where her heart – and her “I *heart* radio” coffee mug – has been ever since. Now she resides comfortably with her two alpacas which she keeps for fun and sweaters, and her (estranged) husband in the best city in the North, Beaver Bend! Despite the alpaca’s large-scale acceptance in the farming world, Tawny’s neighbors have not quite accepted their presence in the neighborhood, and as a result Tawny is an expert on local farming bylaws. Tawny struggles with a patience issue*, but is pleased to report that the ban imposed by the Moose Knuckle Cafe for going behind the counter to help herself has been lifted. Tawny is an energetic, go-getter who spends days off gardening, cooking, baking, cleaning, doing yoga, firing pottery in her basement kiln, and hiking; often simultaneously. She is an honorary faculty member at the Fort Myers Academy of Broadcasting, an unaccredited online institution. Tawny frequently mentors young aspiring broadcasters, and makes public appearances to support various charities close to her heart. Legendary, iconic, inspirational; these are just a few words.

*Tawny appreciates your emails about her very public struggle with patience but urges you to stop sending them. She’s on it. Seriously. Cut it out.