STEVE HAMMERSTONE is a man’s man. Not that he’s for men. He loves women. Want proof? He’s had three wives. He’s also a local hero/legend in the Beaver Bend region for foiling an attempted robbery of The Moose Knuckle Cafe. Steve was sitting down reading the Dam Strait newspaper in the mens room, when he heard a commotion outside the door. He called Beaver Bend’s finest, and they arrested the perp. Steve’s headshot (from the 80s) is now a permanent fixture on the wall, and he gets free coffee for life.  He lives with his bloodhound Rusty, while trying to find the next future ex Mrs. Hammerstone. There’s nothing Steve cherishes more than a smooth bowel movement – not too hard or not too soft – much like his music. And his lovemaking. Many broadcasters and locals will tell Steve in e-mails or will shout it on the street that he’s “Jumped the Shark!” and Steve couldn’t be more flattered. After all, The Fonz was at the height of cool when he jumped over a shark-filled pool on his motorcycle – and Steve sees himself as the Arthur Fonzarelli for a new generation. Steve is a native of the Beaver Bend area, and spent much of his youth working in the local pulp mill. He has the scars on his stomach and fingertips – he can never be fingerprinted – to prove it. Steve spends many nights at the Beaver Bend Twoplex, watching movies without much dialog. And definitely no subtitles – if he wanted to read, he’d buy a magazine. His rule of thumb is, if there’s no deaths, explosions, or sex in the first 5 minutes, he will walk. Locals have often commented about the “spirited” conversations Steve has in the lobby with theater manager Mr. Singh. To keep in shape, Steve’s on a Wednesday night five-pin bowling team. He’s a classic car buff, and drives a mint ’79 Ford Pinto.